Do you find it hard
To say that
You’re the one who’s harmed?
Gilty as charged.
I’ll break through brick
to find your heart.
Ain’t beating much,
But I’ll Wait
for you to say your sorry anyway, no? Well Ok.
Stuck by your vagueness,
Talking slow,
And I start to hate it.
Turn me down
Trust me I can take it.
I can’t help

You always leave me
Hanging onto something.
Short answered questions
Crumble under my plea now
I’m on probation
lovely ankle bracelet.
Keep me where I need to be.
Match made in custody.

I’m up most nights
I realize that I
Can’t sleep without the lights.
Read me my rights,
Or tell me something where I can use hindsight.
Now don’t you think I’d
Learn your not my type,
But these cuffs are tight,
And I’m serving life.


I swear to tell the truth and nothing but it,
But one day these chains are gonna break from rusting,
And on that day
You won’t be holding nothing.
God I hope that I’m not bluffing

X2 chorus
This is where I want to be
Match made in custody