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As a band we strive to always deliver a personal, fun, and memorable experience for everyone that comes to our shows. Above all else we hope that everyone who can make it to a show walks away knowing us like we hope to know them. We always focus on having a fun time making music that can reach our fans by making something bigger than ourselves!


Covid-19 Update

Hey everyone! As I'm sure you are all aware, the world is currently faced with a global pandemic and that puts many of us musicians, venues, and workers of the entertainment industry alike out of comission. Please be aware that Afterthoughts will not be playng any physical shows until it is deemed safe to do so. As much as we love playing shows and rocking out with all of you, the health of our fans and ourselves comes first. In the meantime, we are working constantly to figure out whatever we can do to contribute to art and creativity during Covid-19, although we cannot meet in person, hopefully we can still deliver smiles to each and everyone of you. Stay safe and keep rockin! - Afterthoughts

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